Nuvvula laddu

Nuvvula Laddu

Ingredients: 1)Jaggery-1 cup 2)Sesame seeds – 250grams Method: 1)Heat a wok and dry roast sesame seeds/till/nuvvulu till they produce aroma. 2)Keep the roasted seeds aside. 3)Add jaggery to the wok and add water to form one...

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rajma chaat

Rajma Chaat

Rajma Chaat Ingredients: 1)Rajma 2)Potatoes 3)Oil – 2 tbl spoons 4)Turmeric 5)Mustard seeds 6)Bengal gram 7)Jeera 8)Onions-2 9)Green chilli 10)Tomatoes-2 11)Salt – to taste 12)Chilli powder 13)Garam masala 14)Aam...

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