rajma chaat
rajma chaat

Rajma Chaat

Rajma Chaat

3)Oil – 2 tbl spoons
5)Mustard seeds
6)Bengal gram
9)Green chilli
11)Salt – to taste
12)Chilli powder
13)Garam masala
14)Aam Choor(Optional)
15)Chaat masala(Optional)

1) Soak rajma overnight or for 6-8hours
2) Add potatoes to rajma and boil it
3) Heat a wok and add oil to it
4) Add turmeric,mustard seeds,bengal gram and jeera to it and let it turn golden brown
5) Add onions and fry till golden brown.
6) Add chillis and tomatoes and let them cook for 1min
7) Add boiled rajma and potatoes along with the water
8) Add salt,chilli powder and garam masala
9) Let it cook for 10mins till all the water evaporates and eveything is cooked
10) Turn off flame and add aam choor and chaat masala
11) Enjoy it hot with onion topping.

Also check my recipe @ https://youtu.be/qmQ1bNyHSgQ

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